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Mencari makanan halal di Philippina (Manila) tidak mudah, tentu harus waspada, karena yang berlebel internationalpun harus diwaspadai. Kalau di Indonesia Piza Hut tinggal disantap, Mc Donal tinggal 'diuntal' ("diuntal" = Jawa. - "ditelan"= Bahasa Indonesia), KFC tak ragu di makan. Namun ketika di Philippina tentu beda dengan Indonesia.
Berikut alamat makanan halal di Philippina:
Jakarta Inn & Restaurant – Serving mainly Indonesian specialties. 2082 F. Benitez St. near cor. San Andres, Malate, Manila. Tel. No. 521-4116

Shawarma Snack Center – A place famous for their shawarmas, priced between P48 to P70. Rice dishes also available. 485B R. Salas Street, Ermita, Manila

Moud’s Chicken Halal – located just a stone’s throw away from the Golden Mosque in Quiapo. This district also has a number of other halal restaurants. 827 Globo de Oro Street, Quiapo, Manila. Tel. No. 488-5006

Ghazal – Muslim-owned eatery. 1551 A. Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila

Makati Cinema Square – Filipino Halal cuisine. Owner speaks on Tagalog when contacted by phone. They also have a Musalla next door.

Chicken Bacolod (different from Bacolod Chicken Inasal) – eat at your own risk; the chicken cannot be confirmed as halal, although the owner is Muslim

Catatan: (Ini harus dihati-hati):
KFC – KFC Philippines use pork lard to fry its chicken and patties. This has been confirmed by very good sources.
McDonalds – McDonald’s in the Philippines is NOT halal. Although they have started using vegetable oil for the past two years to fry their patties, the meat is still not halal. However, the fillet-o-fish burger may be consumed.
Pizza Hut – not halal in the Philippines, not sure even about the oil being used for veggie pizzas
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