Rabu, 08 Februari 2012


Checklist of Requirements for Student Visa

  1. Duly notarized letter request from the applicant;
  2. Duly notarized General Application Form accomplished by the applicant (BI Form No. MCL-07-01);
  3. Original
    copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) containing a clear impression of
    the school’s official dry seal or a duly notarized written endorsement
    from the school for the conversion of the applicant’s status signed by
    the school’s Registrar;
  4. Original copy of Medical Certificate
    issued by the Bureau of Quarantine and International Health Surveillance
    or a government medical institution with competence to certify that the
    applicant is not afflicted with any dangerous, contagious or loathsome
    disease and is mentally fit;
  5. Plain photocopy of applicant’s passport bio-page, latest admission and authorized stay; and
  6. NICA Clearance; and
  7. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate

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